August 08, 2014

Groundwire Engage

Groundwire Engage helps nonprofits grow their relationships with supporters. From a single dashboard, an organization can visualize the engagement levels of each of its thousands of supporters and act to increase engagement.

Groundwire Engage App:

  • See What's Working and What Isn't
         Groundwire Engage consolidates information on donations, advocacy campaigns,volunteering, event attendance, board participation and more. This makes it easy to see which activities are most effective.
  • Clarify Your Engagement Strategy
       Groundwire Engage comes with a Strategy Guide to jumpstart your engagement program, as well as the tools to implement and measure effectiveness.
  • Turn Followers into Donors, Donors into Leaders
          Groundwire Engage supporters according to their levels of engagement, you can approach them in a more relevant way. This allows you to move people up the engagement pyramid.

Groundwire Engage Is:
  • Always up to date on your latest supporter activities.
  • Fully integrated with your campaign, contact and opportunity records.
  • Designed for simple list segmentation.
  • Highly customizable to fit your engagement goals and data conventions.
  • Built around a proven model of engagement strategy.

Watch a Demo:



August 02, 2014

Eventbrite Sync for Salesforce

Eventbrite Sync to import the event information you want to keep track of in Salesforce. You'll need a free Eventbrite account ( to use this app.
  • Selectively import event registrant and attendee information.
  • Associate imported Leads or Contacts to a Campaign.
  • Optionally create Opportunities for ticket purchases.
Eventbrite Sync App:

If you use Eventbrite to manage RSVPs and ticketing for your events and you use Salesforce, Eventbrite Sync will help. This simple to use app imports your attendee information into Salesforce.  

Eventbrite Feature's:

• Connect to your Eventbrite account from within Salesforce and import information about events, registrants and attendees.
 • Selectively import event registrant and attendee information and optionally prevent duplicates by matching on email address.
 • Import attendees into Lead or Contact objects.
 • Records tickets checked in.
 • Optionally associate imported Lead or Contact records to a Campaign.
 • Optionally create Opportunity records when payment transactions present.
 • Remembers your option selections for next import .

About Us

Groundwire Consulting is a benefit corporation that is wholly owned by, a nonprofit with over 16 years experience providing strategy and technology solutions to organizations impacting positive environmental change.
We are a mission-minded consulting firm working with mission-minded businesses, organizations and nonprofits. If you are as excited as we are to make the community around you and the planet we live on healthy and sustainable, we want to talk to you.
We are unique because we are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. We are the rare firm with an impressive strategy team who are leaders in the social change sector. They will work with you to create an engagement framework that is then by backed by our online tools. Not just technology for technology's sake—but technology that will help you engage, track and communicate with every person important to your work. Our strategy combined with the ability to develop integrated and custom solutions provides the same kind of magic as Donny and Marie.
We were an early adopter of the Salesforce database because we realized that in order for the organizations we worked with to have big-time impact they needed a robust database that could track relationships at scale.