August 02, 2014

Eventbrite Sync for Salesforce

Eventbrite Sync to import the event information you want to keep track of in Salesforce. You'll need a free Eventbrite account ( to use this app.
  • Selectively import event registrant and attendee information.
  • Associate imported Leads or Contacts to a Campaign.
  • Optionally create Opportunities for ticket purchases.
Eventbrite Sync App:

If you use Eventbrite to manage RSVPs and ticketing for your events and you use Salesforce, Eventbrite Sync will help. This simple to use app imports your attendee information into Salesforce.  

Eventbrite Feature's:

• Connect to your Eventbrite account from within Salesforce and import information about events, registrants and attendees.
 • Selectively import event registrant and attendee information and optionally prevent duplicates by matching on email address.
 • Import attendees into Lead or Contact objects.
 • Records tickets checked in.
 • Optionally associate imported Lead or Contact records to a Campaign.
 • Optionally create Opportunity records when payment transactions present.
 • Remembers your option selections for next import .

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